MMTA Exams Dates 2022-2023

MMTA Theory Exams

These exams evaluate the development of analytical, written, aural and functional keyboard skills, including the ability to transpose, harmonize, and sight-read. In Levels 1-4 students are tested on their ability to write and play major and minor pentatonic scales, major and minor scales and modes, notate rhythmic patterns, sight-read, transpose and accompany a melody. These levels also include rhythmic, interval, chordal and melodic dictation.

Older students that want to enter the state piano contest, must have passed theory level I as a pre-requisite.

Fees are: Level 1/2: $25, Level 3/4: $27, Level 5: $29, Level 6: $39

MMTA Keyboard Exams

The purpose of the piano examinations is to evaluate a student’s interpretation and memorization of piano pieces and their ability to critically discuss terms, ideas and concepts. Keyboard skills and sightplaying are also evaluated. Each of the 12 levels offers a wide range of repertoire choices. Two pieces are required for the preparatory level, three pieces for Levels 1 and 2, and four for Levels 3-10. At Level 11, the highest level of achievement, students must perform five pieces.

This is a great exam for reinforcing what the student has learned, and for rewarding them for the all the hard work they have put into polishing their pieces. It also helps them see a progressive level of achievement each year.

Fees: Prep $25, 1 $28, 2 $32, 3 $38, 4 $42, 5 $42, 6 $42, 7 $47,8 $52, 9 $57, 10 $67,

11 $130

MMTA Music Bridges

Students prepare a program of 5 pieces (2 required standard rep and 3 optional pieces), some of which incorporate another instrument or art form in the program. Programs can be 15, 24 or 30 minutes in length. This is an excellent way for students who play a second instrument or do other arts to incorporate them together in one program.

Fees range from $27-39 depending on length of program.