Practicing in "Fives"

Post date: Aug 2, 2012 4:50:55 AM

We had fun using five toy frogs in lessons this week. They were our practicing buddies when working on a specific trouble spot or technical skill. In order to get a frog to jump to the other end of the piano, you had

to play the notes 100% correct. Each time you played correctly, another frog jumped to the other end. The goal, of course, was to move all 5 frogs to the other side. It made practicing the same section over and over, a lot more fun.

Variation I - if you make a mistake, one of the frogs has to go back.

Variation II - if you make a mistake, ALL of the frogs have to go back.

This works great with any set of five objects. If you use M&M's or skittles, the bonus part is that you get to eat them all when practicing is done for the day!!