I Love This!

Post date: Aug 8, 2016 6:58:02 PM

The best part of the year has been hearing these actual statements

from my amazing students:

I'm playing at my school talent show.

I played for my music class at school.

We played duets at the piano in the restaurant.

I played piano at the airport.

I accompanied a hymn at my aunt's wedding.

I gave a recital over the phone to Grandma.

I played piano for a wedding.

I wrote my own song this week.

I'm playing in the worship band at church.

I'm playing piano in the school jazz band.

I figured out how to play this song from the radio.

I learned how to play the Tetris music by ear.

I want to play another instrument now too.

This song made me cry.

This song was my favorite! (and saying this about EVERY song assigned)

I'm so glad I didn't quit piano lessons.