ONLINE LESSON Preparation Tips

Post date: Mar 23, 2020 1:44:59 AM

With the switch to online lessons this week, I thought it would be helpful to list some ideas that will make the lessons go smoother for all :)

  • For the 1st week, send me a picture of their current assignment from their assignment book so I can have duplicate copies of their music on hand
  • Have your student put measures numbers in their pieces - it's much quicker for me to say jump to measure 10, than to say, go to the third line and...
  • Prior to the lesson, have your student get all their books in order so that we can quickly go from one book to the next
  • Have a pencil and some stickers at the piano
  • Place the camera so that I can see a side view of the student at the piano
  • Make sure any necessary bathroom breaks happen PRIOR to the lesson :)
  • Check the piano bench placement - is it high/low enough for the student to reach comfortably? I saw a lot of students sitting way too low at the piano last week. When their arms are relaxed at their sides, they should bend only at the elbow to reach the keys - the arms and hands should be straight across and not up or down to reach the keys
  • If you notice any problems with their assignment/practice during the week, drop me a quick email to let me know so that I can address it during their lesson