Studio Policies


General Information
Private lessons are offered weekly in either 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, dependent upon the student's instructional needs. It is my responsibility to teach your student how to play and express themselves through music. I will customize the curriculum to fit each child's specific needs.

At the Studio
Students are expected to arrive on time with all their lesson books and other materials. Students can enter the studio while the previous student is finishing their lesson, but should be respectful and quiet while preparing for their own lesson. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay, quietly, in the studio during lessons but should make sure that any items children play with are cleaned up and put back on the shelf before the end of the lesson. Families are also welcome to wait in the car, run errands or take a walk during the lesson as long as student is picked up within 10 minutes of the end of the lesson.

At Home
Students must arrange time to be at the piano for practice. Students should have an acoustic piano that is tuned regularly, or a digital piano (with 88 weighted keys and pedals). Students who consistently come unprepared to lessons will be asked to develop and follow through on a practice schedule, or to reconsider taking lessons. Students need to provide a 3-ring notebook and at least two highlighter pens (one must be yellow) for assignment pages and added materials. Pages will be handed out at the first lesson and throughout the year.

Teaching Calendar
Tuition for the year covers 38 lessons. There are at least 45 weeks scheduled so students can take their spring break off without having to makeup a lesson.
Students can do additional summer lessons for a reduced rate per added lesson.

Makeup Lessons
Due to my busy teaching schedule,
makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed. Tuition is an enrollment for lessons and not based upon attendance. Lessons you choose to miss or cancel will not necessarily be made up. I will usually post any open lesson times each week on the website and you are able to cancel and rebook a lesson on line. As a courtesy to myself and fellow students, please give at least 24 hours notice in advance for cancellations and rescheduling. (The first week after school is out for the year, is a makeup week for any missed lessons). In cases of inclement weather, Skype or Google Hangouts lessons would be a viable option for lessons.
Any lesson that
I need to cancel will be either made up or have a $25 credit applied.

Tuition for the year covers 38 lessons. The cost will be split equally each month for 11 months, from September through July and is
due on or before the 1st lesson of the month. If you wish to pre-pay by semester or year, you will receive a small discount if payment is received by the 1st lesson of the semester. Please let me know when you register if you would like to pay by month or semester or year. For families with three or more students, there is a discounted rate after the first two students.

There will be a late fee of $5/week charged for each week a payment is overdue.

Tuition not only covers the cost of weekly lessons and recitals, but also the time to choose and purchase music, create teaching materials, prepare lesson plans, plan and schedule recitals, handle office administration and purchase supplies, maintain studio upkeep, tune pianos, attend teacher continuing education classes, pay taxes and insurance for the business, and attend to many other details that are part of the learning experience.
More time is spent per student each week than just in the weekly lesson.

There is a yearly registration fee of $60 per student ($120 max per family), which helps to cover the costs of assignment books, recitals, magazines, incentive awards, etc. The fee should be paid by August 10
th in order to reserve a spot on the teaching schedule for the 2019-2020 school year. Your enrollment is an agreement for the entire studio calendar year of 38 lessons.

Discontinuing Lessons
There might come a time when a student needs to discontinue lessons. This decision should be made after discussion with the teacher, the parents and the student, and hopefully end on a positive note. One month (paid tuition) notice is required, whether or not the student continues for the month. The teacher can end lessons at any time if there is upaid tuition, or if a student refuses to cooperate or has a lack of interest.